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About us

Minute of Arc is a software development and distribution company located in Graz, Austria. This company was founded by two dedicated characters who's professional profiles perfectly complement. On the one hand there is Florian Fleck, web/developer and the technical mastermind behind the products we develop. On the other hand there is Gerd Beidernikl, social researcher and certified business consultant, who is focusing on our business development and customer relations. Each brings in more than 15 years of professional experience, a strong ambition for excellence and a severe addiction to Italian espresso.

Minute of Arc focuses on the development of web-applications in a B2B environment. Our company name is a tribute to our flagship-product FeedbackHUB, a cutting edge web-platform for the administration and implementation of 360 leadership feedback surveys. Developed in 2010 for the consulting company VIECONSULT it became both: a major business success and an affair of our hearts. Nominated for 4 business awards and applied by the most renowned companies in Austria. Since then we are dedicated to change the world of enterprise feedback systems by offering FeedbackHUB as SAAS-product to certified partners in the field of social research and business consultancy. We do not sell to end-clients but consultants only!

Features of FeedbackHUB

FeedbackHUB is our flagship-product: a 360 leadership feedback survey web-application that was designed with the needs of two client groups in mind. First the end clients, mainly large corporates,  who would like to efficiently implement company wide large scale feedback surveys, often in an international business environment. Second consulting and training companies who are offering the implementation of such kinds of surveys by developing questionnaires and accompanying working with the results.

For both groups FeedbackHUB is the most efficient way of implementing a 360 leadership feedback survey by automatising the whole process from nomination feedback providers, carrying out the survey to producing feedback reports. Regardless if 50, 500 or 5.000 executives are participating in such a 360 leadership feedback survey: using FeedbackHUB you are saving significantly time and efforts.

Use Cases

We a proud that FeedbackHUB is applied by our certified partners for the implementation of 360 feedback surveys for renowned companies all over Europe.

Become a partner

Minute of Arc does not sell to clients, but to consultants only. We are offering consulting and training companies the opportunity to use  FeedbackHUB as feedback platform in the frame of a SAAS-business model for the implementation of 360 feedback surveys for their end clients. With our "desk service" approach you do not even need to become a survey expert or invest in IT-infrastructure to use FeedbackHUB. We take over survey administration on your behalf and administrate surveys for you: you are the face to the customer, we are your survey-wizards in the background. Invisible but always helpful!

We are currently looking for new partners in Germany (especially Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich) and Switzerland (especially Zürich and Basel). If you are interested in FeedbackHUB and your profile matches the following criteria we are looking forward to your call or email.

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